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Home Schooling Info Reveals Unique Learning Secrets!
Watch Your Child Soar!

Here's home schooling info that will help you
teach with confidence!

Ever ask yourself, "Am I really giving my children the kind of education they need?" Feel discouraged because you're not "certified"?

Then you're in the perfect place!

Using the home schooling info on this site you can...
  • teach your child accelerated learning techniques - and watch his ability to retain information skyrocket!
  • use the latest brain strategies to help your child focus on and complete tasks
  • give your child the tools to succeed and watch your child fall in love with learning
  • utilize real-life, hands-on experiences to motivate and maintain high interest
  • free yourself up to finish those ever-present household tasks -even find some quiet time for yourself each day!
  • Forget the boring workbook curriculum!

    Worksheets out the wahzoo can frustrate both teacher and student! Plus it's pretty hard on the wallet!

    The home schooling info you're about to read will excite you - even motivate your family to home school all year! You'll have so much fun that taking a month off will be unimaginable!

    Have you ever thought, "I wish I was educated enough to home school."? Please allow me to dispell this MYTH now. You do NOT need to be a certified teacher to effectively instruct your child!

    In fact, by utilizing this home schooling info, you'll be able to help your children advance beyond what they could in public school!

    That's right!

    How can I say that? I've spent the last 17 years of my life teaching in public (and private) schools. Frustrated with "mass teaching" strategies and the increasing difficulty of individualizing learning - I turned to home schooling because of the freedom it allows for children to better reach their potential. You can teach without public school limitations!

    (I'm not out to totally discredit public education. I believe it has its place. I know dozens of dedicated, give-it-all-you've-got teachers who care and instruct with wisdom. Unfortunately, their job creates more stress than a human being was ever designed to handle!)

    More Myths Dispelled!

    Home schooling my children will bankrupt us! Nope. This site will show you how to get more bang from your instructional buck! You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on curricula and software for each subject! Check out our Free Homeschooling page.

     Since my child has special needs, we have to place her in public school. Not so. You can meet these educational needs effectively at home in a loving, secure environment. Find out more on the Special Needs page.

     I can't homeschool because my husband and I both have to work. Well, what if you worked at home? It's possible to make more than ends-meet, even if you are a single parent looking for a chance to home school your children. Check out these proven, reasonable methods to make money at home. Yep. You can do it! Visit Mom and Dad's Business at Home page below.

    Now, take off your shoes, prop up your feet, ask one of those dear children to bring you a glass of lemonade and take a tour of Homeschool Helper.

    Never doubt yourselves, Moms and Dads. If God decided you're the ones to parent these treasures, He will give you the wisdom to teach them as well! He's got the best home schooling info around!

    Blessings to you!

    Lisa Preston